Thursday, May 30, 2013

Never Give Up on Your Dreams!!!

God never gives you a burning desire that you cannot fulfill in some beautiful way. 

Do you have a burning desire to create the life and business of your dreams?  Do you ache and yearn to share your story with the world?  You truly CAN create anything you desire.  You would not have the yearning if you were not capable of creating your dreams.  But life sure does make it hard, doesn't it?!

Pain, fear, anxiety, the belief that we don't know enough, and perceived money limitations can really tell us a different story.  A story that we have to live this "stuck" life that the world says is "realistic." It is so very difficult to build a business because it involves working through so much of the core issues that are keeping you stuck.  This is why most people give up, because it is one of the most powerful, but also challenging things you could ever do.  In order to step into our power and emerge as our authentic self, the universe demands that we be open, present, and willing to allow!  Allow your limitless, free, authentic, and powerful self to emerge!

So what are you experiencing in your business that is giving you the message that you are not enough, you cannot experience your dream reality, or that you just don't have the "chops"?  These are lies!! Anytime you have the thoughts of not being anything but 100% worthy and capable and special, then your thoughts are not telling you the truth.

Here is the truth... we are all living based on limiting belief systems and with a child in us that runs the show.  This child experienced things when you were growing up that showed him/her that they had to stay in the box to be "safe" and that being vulnerable, free, and courageous was too dangerous and could lead to great disappointment and failure.  So this child will do whatever possible to keep you from doing anything that could lead to pain. You have to continue to push past the lies that this child (who truly has the best of intentions) is telling you and break free!  Sometimes you will find you have to do this several times a day.  But it truly does get easier and easier!

Everything you desire, but do not have, is outside of your comfort zone.

But the truth is, your safe place, the place that is full of joy and happiness and peace, is always OUTSIDE of the box. You truly can have anything you want, but you have to take courageous steps toward allowing it in your life. Creating a successful business involves taking many leaps of faith!

Pain is not a reason to give up, it is a reason to propel forward. 

Your fairytale reality does not mean that it will not involve pain, anxiety, and fear at times. You have 2 choices during these times: allow it to push you down and back into the box, or let it propel you forward. The universe is always giving us opportunities to see ourselves more clearly.  If you can find the message in the pain and breathe through it, feel it, allow it... you will discover a part of yourself you never saw before.  Once you find healing in this part of yourself, you will be able to transform in a powerful way.  The more and more this happens, the more powerfully you will transform.  This will naturally affect your business in amazing ways.  The more open you are to stepping into your power, the more you send the message out to the world that you will never ever give up on your dreams, the more you will find that the world will respond to this by saying "YES" to everything you desire. You deserve the best and most amazing life! 

You CAN have everything you want.  Stay the course, and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

As always, if you desire my support, I would love to work with you.  During the month of June I am offering free 90 minute sessions to all of those brave enough to be running their own business.  To receive your session please complete this form and I will contact you within a few hours.  I only work with those who believe that our work together is the right step for them in creating an abundant life and business. So if we talk and that is not you, there are no strings attached! :-)  If it is, I am SO looking forward to supporting you on this amazing journey! 

Sending you lots of love and power!

Your Fairytale Business Transformation Expert,

Cortney A. Budney

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